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When: 1 July 2023 - 4 September 2023

Parrots of Paradise Quiz at Paradise Park in Hayle

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 30th June 2023

Hand feed colourful parrots, see macaws fly free, plus new ‘Parrots of Paradise Quiz’ this summer from 1 July to 4 September 2023. Challenge yourself to learn about the intelligent parrot family and the conservation work of Paradise Park and the World Parrot Trust.

Paradise Park Wildlife Sanctuary in Hayle (home of the World Parrot Trust) is celebrating 50 years. It’s the perfect place to see amazing wildlife and this summer it is highlighting the colourful world of parrots. Feed the lorikeets, see macaws fly free, challenge yourself with our new quiz to learn about the intelligent parrot family and the conservation work of Paradise Park and the World Parrot Trust. There are over 700 parrots to see at the Park including the indigo-coloured Lear’s Macaw – the only place in the UK with these endangered parrots.

A highlight of a visit and very popular with all the family, is the daily Rainbow Lorikeet feeding experience. You can buy a small pot of nectar for £1.25 and these wonderful little parrots come to perch on your hand while feeding. This takes place in their walk-through aviary in the walled garden at the centre of the Park. Fantastic photo opportunities. Plus, two daily flying shows the ‘Eagles or Paradise’ at 12 noon and ‘Free Flying Bird Show’ at 3pm, featuring many close-up experiences with parrots, on stage and flying free up high and between visitors on the picnic lawn (flying shows are weather permitting).

Other rare species include the Blue-throated and Great Green Macaws, Citron-crested Cockatoos, Sun Conures, Mitchell’s Lorikeets and many more.

The founder of Paradise Park, Mike Reynolds, set up the World Parrot Trust (WPT) in 1989 with an ambitious vision: To help save wild parrots from extinction and to ensure that companion parrots live long, healthy and happy lives. Over the years WPT has grown to become a global force that moves quickly to aid urgent welfare initiatives and support long-term conservation projects. In the last three decades the Trust has led or aided projects in 43 countries for 80 species of parrot. Today, WPT is one of the world’s largest member-based parrot conservation and welfare organisation with national branches in ten countries. Its educational print and web-based resources are utilised by tens of thousands of parrot enthusiasts each month, and its uniquely effective approach produces substantial and long-lasting results.

Daily Events and activities at Paradise Park this summer.

A leader in conservation and home to Operation Chough and the World Parrot Trust. A wonderful and worthwhile day out.

If one day is not enough, then take advantage of great value Return Tickets. Visit once at standard entry prices (perhaps using a discount code), and you can then buy a Return Ticket before you leave for your next visit in the season. And you can then keep buying Return Tickets every time you visit until 22nd March 2024.