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Best Days Out Cornwall

When: 22 July 2024 - 1 September 2024

Escape from Treasure Island! – Summer Holidays

Posted in Events by cata on 4th June 2024

Be transported to Treasure Island this summer where all is not quite as it seems. Join our heroes as they race to solve the clues, find the treasure and defeat the baddies.

Will they outsmart the hungry gorilla intent on eating them, evade the clutches of the ghostly phantom zombie, avoid the slithering tentacles of the giant kraken AND escape the deadly jaws of the island’s resident crocodile? Will the treasure finally be theirs or will the dastardly pirate get his hands on the ultimate prize? Find out this summer at National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Treasure Island Trail

Use your pirate skills to root out the five items you’ll need to escape Treasure Island! Follow our treasure map around the Museum… will you find the X that marks the spot and uncover the treasure?

Make & Take

In our Make & Take crafting workshops, create your own paper pirate ship, fashion a pirate hat, craft a flying parrot wrist puppet, or create a little card treasure box for storing all your loot.