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Best Days Out Cornwall

When: 27 May 2023 - 10 June 2023
Where: Bodmin Jail

The Walls Remember at Bodmin Jail

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 25th April 2023

The Walls Remember is an exciting new event at Bodmin Jail that offers visitors a unique and immersive experience of the jail’s rich history. The event features live actors dressed as historical figures from the jail’s past, including the governor, nurse, and other notable characters. Visitors will witness these actors playing out moments in time throughout the jail, providing an authentic and engaging glimpse into the lives and stories of those who were once incarcerated within its walls.

The event promises to be both informative and entertaining, as visitors will have the opportunity to explore the jail’s many cells, corridors, and chambers, and learn more about the jail’s fascinating history.

The Walls Remember is an ideal event for history buffs, families, and anyone looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience. With its authentic costumes, and immersive setting, this event is sure to be a highlight of any visit to Bodmin Jail. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to step back in time and experience the history of this remarkable landmark firsthand.