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Best Days Out Cornwall

Minack Theatre Castle Best Days Out Cornwall
When: 13 July 2022 - 15 July 2022

Smugglers’ Tales at The Minack Theatre

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 11th April 2022

13 & 15 July at 4pm

Shhh! Smugglers are about!

As The Captain, Mark Harandon tells stories handed down over the years. Tales of those old times when everybody knew about ‘the Gentlemen‘, who could bring you just about anything you could wish for; when every place was a hiding place; and when the black dog, Satan was kept to catch the smugglers!

Bring yourselves down and you’ll learn how to ‘sow a crop‘, how to tell a smuggler your house is safe, and how to use a goose to your advantage!

Funny and dramatic stories for children, families and adults too. (No Revenue Men allowed)

Tickets from £10
Under 16s half price

Suitable for young children


01736 810181