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Best Days Out Cornwall

National Maritime Museum Best Days Out Cornwall
When: 19 February 2022

February Half Term at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 3rd February 2022

Science of the Sea

Monday 21 – Friday 25 February, 11am , 12pm, 2pm and 3pm.

With Bristol Explorer Dome.

Science of the Sea – family fun with a BANG! Bristol Explorer Dome are back with more science shows, we’re on the hunt for creatures that use bubbles to survive on the Museum Trail and in Make & Take we’re using science to create colourful artworks.

A family science show suitable for adults and children aged 5 and over, but all are welcome.

Explore the science of water, the nature of atoms & molecules and how they can be solid, liquid or gas. Liquid nitrogen and dry ice illustrate states of matter and we’ll investigate weird and wonderful seas of fire and ice on other worlds. Split H2O into an explosive mixture and consider hydrogen as a fuel of the future. Bring your curiosity and questions for Explorer Dome’s expert science presenters. Expect plenty of audience interaction, freezing fog, fire and BANGS!

Make and Take – Chromatography Creatures

Saturday 19 – Sunday 27 February, 12.30pm – 3.30pm.

An arty science experiment using colour and water, separating pigments to create colourful sea creatures.

What is chromatography?

Chromatography is the process by which scientists separate mixtures by letting them slowly move past each other. In the process of chromatography a mixture in one state of matter moves over the surface of something in another state of matter. In this experiment the water (a liquid) carries the pigment through and over the surface of a coffee filter (a solid) and in the process it separates the individual pigment colours.

Museum Trail

Saturday 19 – Sunday 27 February

Become a scientist and find out which sea creatures use bubbles to survive. Six lab coats have been hidden around the Museum; they contain the answers you are looking for! Find them all to collect your prize.