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Best Days Out Cornwall

When: 27 February 2024 - 24 March 2024
Where: Trebah Garden

Sally Spens Exhibition

Posted in Events by cata on 3rd January 2024

The exhibition brings together Spens’ paintings and drawings, inspired by the natural world, with her detailed and intricate etchings. The work is accompanied by short texts – giving an insight into her working practice and ideas.

Spens’ etchings have been exhibited and collected internationally since 2013, including at the European Cultural Centre in Venice during the 2022 Art Biennale.

Sally Spens worked as a textile designer in London, New York and Japan before taking her drawings into etchings, which often recall the subtleties and richness of textiles.

Her work in textile design partnership Bentley & Spens has been archived and exhibited by the Victoria & Albert Museum since 1989, including ‘Kimono – Kyoto to Catwalk’, currently on a world tour.

“Etching feels like a natural progression from working in textiles, both connect with the translation of drawing into print. Sometimes directly as in the botanical works, sometimes constructing images – with elements form nature, observation and memory combined.”