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Best Days Out Cornwall

PK Porthcurno Best Days Out Cornwall
When: 1 January 1970 - 1 January 1970

Pop up PK October Half Term

Posted in Events by thstudio on 5th October 2021

Dates: Tuesday 26, Thursday 28 and Saturday 30 October 2021

Time: 13:00 – 15:00

Where: Clore Learning Space

Cost: FREE

Our Lino Printing this summer was such a success that we have decided to continue it this October but with some new exciting designs.

Join us this October Half term, to discover and print the untold stories of the slimy sea creatures of Porthcurno. Choose your favourite colour and print a Halloweeny mythical sea horse, a scary worm or a patrol of fish deep under the sea. Learn more about our environmental initiative Planet PK while we reuse our brightly coloured paper and make environmentally friendly slime.

All the designs come from the Zodiac magazine, the staff newspaper of the telegraph workers. Each print tells a different story about mythical or real sea creatures that got tangled up in the cables as they were laid under the sea. One print shows how the teredo worm ate through the outer part of cables and was a telegraph workers nightmare. Another print shows a mythical ‘Red Old Sea Horse’ that a cable worker wrote a poem about — asking the sea horse what he sees in the cable deep under the sea. We also have a patrol of fish, showing how cables and fish sometimes lived peacefully together. This was not always the case as shown in the story of a fish getting caught in a cable as it was being laid to Adelaide