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Planning a visit with COVID-19 in mind

Posted in Useful Information by thstudio on 3rd November 2021

Many visitors to Cornwall will recognise that there’s been some changes to your visitor experience since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. Whilst all of the attractions we work with want to ensure you have the best day out in Cornwall, they also have a responsibility to ensure visitor safety.

Here’s some of the key points you’ll need to remember when planning your visit to one of our attractions.

Try to book in advance where possible

The message is strong in Cornwall – think, plan and book ahead. The majority of our visitor attractions require customers to book their tickets in advance, often with a timed entry to ensure that sites do not become overcrowded.

Many attractions, now that restrictions have eased, may be accepted walk-in visitors without a pre-booked ticket – but there is no guarantee of this, especially at busy times of the year. We would always recommend that you check the attraction website and reserve your tickets in advance.

Some attractions will require payment when booking your tickets, while others may simply ask you to confirm your time slot and pay on arrival.

Safety measures may still be in place

Safety measures have been put in place at every attraction we work with and all of our attractions have been awarded the VisitEngland We’re Good To Go badge guaranteeing certain COVID-safe measures – so you may see:

Respecting people’s personal choices

We would ask that all visitors to Cornish tourist attractions show respect and consideration for the personal choice of others.

Now that legal restrictions on social distancing and mask wearing have been lifted, these have become individual choices. Please recognise the sensitivities of other visitors when you are in a public place, and please comply with the policies of each attraction. Please ensure you speak in a kind and considerate manner to any members of staff who may draw your attention to their policies. Staff at all of our attractions are working hard to help you all to have the best day out when you’re visiting them – we hope you have a wonderful time, wherever you choose to book. Our attractions are all about days of discovery, years of memories.