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Best Days Out Cornwall

When: 24 July 2023 - 3 September 2023

A Pirates Life for Me at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 3rd March 2023

A Pirates Life For Me

Monday 24 July – Sunday 3 September

Jam-packed with pirate fun, this summer at National Maritime Museum Cornwall will be the best yet! Join in their brand-new interactive pirate theatre show where you decide the story, get crafting in the Make & Take sessions and join the Museum trail too.

A Pirate’s Life For Me! is Illyria’s brand-new interactive theatre show exploring the lives – and possibly deaths – of the most notorious pirates in the Caribbean. And the best thing about it? You, the audience, get to decide what happens!

Who votes which callous cut-throat is Captain? Just like real Pirates, YOU do! Who decides whether to accept the King’s Pardon and quit Piracy, or carry on looting for riches? Just like real Pirates, YOU do! Who spins the Wheel of Fortune to find out whether the ship you’re attacking is carrying gold or turnips? YOU do! Come as many times as you like and you will probably never see the same show twice!

Will our Pirates be heroes seeking adventure and freedom, or villains seeking riches for themselves? And will they escape to a quiet retirement, or be captured, tried and hanged? YOU decide!

Make & Take

In Make & Take create the accessories you’ll need to become a true pirate of the high seas, including pirate hats, telescopes, parrots, cutlasses and beards.

Museum Trail

Six cheeky seagulls have stolen our pirate supplies and hidden in the Museum. Round them up to collect your prize.

What else is at National Maritime Museum Cornwall?

Explore 15 galleries over five floors, jump aboard boats, climb the 100-foot Lookout Tower, go underwater in the Tidal Zone, uncover ocean adventures and survival stories and sail miniature boats on the Waterfront Boat Pool. Plus, have fun in the new Skull Island Play Zone, learn about Cornish maritime history in our Cornwall galleries and explore our latest major exhibition Pirates.

It’s free!

A Pirate’s Life For Me! is FREE as part of the Museum’s annual admission fee. Pay once and get in free for a year.