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Best Days Out Cornwall

When: 11 February 2023 - 19 February 2023

Paradise Park February Half Term Activities

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 30th January 2023

The POOP TRAIL – 11 to 19 February
Animals come in all different shapes and sizes and so does their poo!  Here is your opportunity to get the scoop on the poop with Paradise Parks fun and educational ‘Poop Trail’ Quiz.

Learn how animals and birds use poop to define territory, establish status, find mates, build houses, and keep in touch with the rest of the species. Poop is also an ideal way of studying an animal without having to capture it… now that’s nifty.

ENRICHMENT SESSION with the Keepers 10am to 12noon
Learn how to make fun, interesting, interactive enrichment food and toys which are key in encouraging a range of normal behaviours that birds and mammals find rewarding, providing them with mental stimulation, social interaction, and exercise.

LORIKEET FEEDING 12.15pmBuy some nectar and help feed these wonderful little parrots, in the Walled Garden ‘Australian Aviaries’.

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