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Best Days Out Cornwall

National Maritime Museum Best Days Out Cornwall
When: 25 July 2022

I Saw A Monster at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 11th April 2022

Monday 25 July – Sunday 4 September

I Saw A Monster

Monday 25 July – Sunday 4 September, 11am, 12.15pm, 2pm & 3.15pm.

What was that, what did you say … you saw a monster? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This summer meet sea monster experts, seekers and spotters who, just like you, have been lucky enough to witness a monster in the rough, wild seas of Cornwall.

But hang on, are you really truly sure it was a monster you saw? Could it have been a shadow? Some floating seaweed? A seal or a tuna fish?

Let’s gather the evidence and decide together if monsters really are just figments of our imagination, or if there could be a sea monster so big and so gruesome it doesn’t bear thinking about.

I Saw A Monster is a brand new theatre performance commissioned by National Maritime Museum Cornwall and written and performed by Illyria.

Museum Trail

Find all of the tentacles on the trail to win a prize!

Make & Take

Create your very own sea monster puppet to take home.

What else is at National Maritime Museum Cornwall?

Explore 15 galleries over five floors, jump aboard boats, climb the 100-foot Lookout Tower, go underwater in the Tidal Zone, uncover ocean adventures and survival stories and sail miniature boats on the Waterfront Boat Pool.

It’s free!

The summer holiday activities are FREE as part of the Museum’s annual admission fee. Pay once, get in free for a year.