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Endangered Lear’s Macaws find refuge at Paradise Park in Cornwall

Posted in News by Lauren Webb on 1st June 2023

The United Kingdom’s renowned Paradise Park, home to many of the world’s rare and endangered parrot species, has expanded its conservation efforts with the recent addition of a group of Lear’s Macaws.

The twelve birds found refuge at Paradise Park on May 27th, following an urgent need for a change in their living situation. This group of Lear’s Macaws, illegally smuggled into the UK in the 1980s and subsequently confiscated by Customs and Excise officials, have lived in seclusion ever since. Over time, the birds’ numbers have increased through breeding.

As the only Lear’s Macaws in the UK, their preservation is critical. “These are important birds, an Endangered species threatened by habitat loss, hunting, and the wild bird trade,” explained David Woolcock, Curator of Paradise Park. “We are proud to be the only sanctuary in the UK to house them. Our objective is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that helps each bird express their unique character.”

Paradise Park, in collaboration with the World Parrot Trust (WPT), has worked tirelessly to create and maintain a new aviary suitable for the birds. The WPT, a charity founded at Paradise Park in 1989, is already actively involved in conservation work for Lear’s Macaws in their native Brazil. The future plans for these magnificent birds may include reintroduction into their native habitat as part of a larger conservation project aimed at preserving the species.

Picture Credit: Alison Hales

Despite ongoing works to perfect the aviary surroundings in the Park, including new paths and seating for visitors, the public can still enjoy observing these extraordinary birds in their enclosures, as well as listening to their distinctive calls.

David Woolcock continued: “Working with many rare and endangered species at Paradise Park is always rewarding, and we were more than happy to provide a home to the Lear’s. We know our visitors will love these beautiful birds as much as we do.”

The park and its dedicated team remain committed to conservation efforts for these and other endangered species, striving to offer safe havens and contribute to the preservation of the world’s biodiversity.

Hero image:
Lear’s Macaw 2 ┬® Agami Stock, Getty Images via Canva