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Best Days Out Cornwall

When: 1 September 2024 - 1 January 1970

Doug Allan: In the Company of Giants

Posted in Events by on 2nd February 2024

1 September at 6pm

Encounters with the ocean’s most charismatic animals.

How does it feel when you’re eye to eye with a whale? To share with a seal the deep blue of the open ocean or the ice world beneath the frozen polar sea? How can a cetacean dive to almost three thousand metres depth, and navigate thousands of miles on his annual migrations? We know we can whisper to a horse, can we talk to a whale? And is she listening anway?

Doug’s unique experiences over fifty years of diving and filming have given him privileged, intimate glimpses, and deep personal knowledge of marine mammals. With its blend of stories, science and soundscapes, In the Company of Giants will by turns amaze, encourage and inspire. While climate change is affecting the world’s oceans there are ways we can all become better caretakers of our marine world environment.

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