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Best Days Out Cornwall

Bodmin Jail Best Days Out Cornwall
When: 7 February 2022 - 27 February 2022
Where: Bodmin Jail

Broken Hearts Tour

Posted in Events by Lauren Webb on 19th January 2022

Dates:– 7 – 27 February

This Valentine’s Day at Bodmin Jail, we’ll break your heart not your neck.

Love is in the air and Bodmin Jail invites you to experience the darker side of passion with the ‘Broken Hearts’ tour. Join our award-winning Heritage Guides for a Danse Macabre through historical tales of the love-lorn and crimes of the heart.

A Victorian whodunnit, the murder of Charlotte Dymond in 1844 was the culmination of a tale of love and jealousy. Matthew Weeks hanged for the crime, but many still doubt his guilt.  Make your own mind up – join us this February for the Broken Hearts tour and step into the dark side of love.

This alternative romantic romp will whisk you into the Victorian and Georgian world of martial poisonings, betrayed lovers, murderous couples and heart-rendering hangings. We’d like to say that they lived happily ever after, but the course of true love never ran that smoothly.

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